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When you’re writing aND YOU CAN’T FIND THE RIGHT WORD


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Using Real Psychology in Your Writing



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Well, apparently my blog was hacked…

….”I promise” I told him seriously

"Good Girl" he praised "Now I want you to strip" he told me and my mouth dropped open in shock and I froze. I wasn’t expecting that at all…

—   Submit to me, Chapter 6

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UPDATE: Submit to me

UPDATE: Submit to me

Chapter 3: Peephole

Extract from ‘Submit to me’

Submit to me, a small extract of something that is currently going to be in the fifth chapter of the story.

"I was sat between two men, both taller than me and I felt almost crowded on the medium sized loveseat. The man on my left had long wavy hair and an exotic features; it was all high cheekbones and large catlike eyes rimmed with black eyeliner.  He was sat close enough that the line of his thigh touched mine.  James was of Eastern European ancestry and it showed.

The man on my left wasn’t quite as tall as James, nor was he quite so exotic, jade green eyes and two sleeves full of tattoos were his most prominent features. Zacky was a little stockier than James, the kind of body where you could tell he’d been working out, but you also knew that he enjoyed his food. He wasn’t fat, not even close but it showed he hadn’t dedicated his whole lifestyle to his looks. That was a good thing, at least in my book, it meant he had other things to do.

 Zacky wasn’t sat as close as James, we didn’t know each other as well, we’d exchanged texts and met up a couple of times but that was all. 

James and I had been meeting up almost every other day – mostly under his insistence. It got to the point where I’d said he needn’t knock; he just walked straight into my house because it saved time. Although he always called me first before he drove around in case he ‘interrupted something’; he never was, I don’t have anyone to whom I could do something with that James might interrupt.  The gesture was still appreciated. 

This meeting, this rendezvous of sorts, was James’s idea, though I wasn’t sure if Zacky had had any input, I know that I certainly hadn’t. We were all sat in Zacky’s living room, which looked like something straight out of a high-end magazine, because James thought that me having a mentor would be a good thing.

 I was a submissive, and not just in the bedroom, I was a natural submissive, which meant I was submissive by nature and had been all my life. Pleasing people pleased me in all aspects of my life. 

It’s not easy to explain to people, so it wasn’t often that I tried. I like the feeling of pleasing people, whether it be doing a chore I’ve been asked to do, or aiding them in something, whatever the flavor; as long as I knew I pleased them, then I was happy.

 James told me that I needed a mentor after he found out how many things I’d been talked into. I was signed up to five or six monthly direct debit charity donations all because I didn’t want to disappoint. Any door-to-door sellers always walked away happy from my house.

Zacky, apparently, was his ideal choice of mentor, and me being me, I didn’t want to disappoint, so here we all were.”

I will be posting some text to do with my ‘Submit to me’ story

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